Mission Overseas


This is a work we have supported for a number of years. It is a non profit making charitable organisation registered in KENYA. VPM exists to help Kenyans who are disadvantaged and poverty stricken by meeting their practical, medical and spiritual needs.

Its objectives are to:

1. To reach out to the destitute and disadvantaged in Kenyan society as The Helper. To rescue and redeem people to better lives, spiritually, socially and economically to the Glory of God.

2 To establish ways and means of encouraging people to participate in educational and socio-economic programmes and development of activities for self sustainability.

3. To provide guidance and counselling to a hurting society overcome with helplessness

4. To meet people's spiritual needs and offering a vibrant, worshipping christian community in the midst of socio economic difficulties.

Through the visits from its Director, the Rev Franklyn Otwoma to EBC and the visit to Korogocho by three church members we have learned how these objectives work out in practice. The work is centred in Korogocho which is a slum in the Nairobi area. The name means dump and we saw first hand the horrifying sight of small children sorting through the rubbish from Nairobi dumped by municipal lorries. We saw the school which tries to serve hundreds of children with education and for some of them perhaps the only meal of the day. We saw the medical centre open 24 hours a day serving the population with only basic amenties and worrtying about how to pay for supplies . We saw the orphanage caring for children rescued from the dump and we were privileged to join in the worship on Sundays where the joy and thankfulness to God humbled us.

Latest news from Korogocho

Work on the orphanage and Lucky Summer 2 is going well

The current needs in Korogocho right now is medicine and medical supplies . During winter many people suffer from cold related illnesses such as colds, flue, fever, asthma, pneumonia and it is the mosquito breeding season including the anopheles mosquitoes that malaria. The expenditure of the clinic has doubled in the last three months.

The orphanage expenditure also increases as food prices increase along with more warm clothing for the children. This also in the same with the Haven school feeding programme. The cost of food items have increased even more since the new government has started charging VAT on all food stuffs in the supermarkets.

Please pray for Korogocho


SOON Ministries

One way that you can get involved in mission from the comfort of your own home is to sign up to help distribute SOON Ministry publications. SOON Ministries (part of WEC international) send free evangelistic newspapersworldwide. Full of attention grabbing articles, Bible stories and personal testimonies, more than six million copies are produced each year. The newspapers are distributed in five different languages to over 150 countries where they are often given out in prisons, schools, refugee camps and many other places. Many people have come to faith through them.

SOON Ministries rely on volunteers to package and put the papers in the mail once every three months. Volunteers fold the papers, label and seal envelopes and pay for the postage. It’s something that you can do individually (perhaps whilst you’re watching TV), or as a group – perhaps as a House Group. For more information

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