Two-minute gospel

You and I were originally intended to have a relationship with God. If we look back in the bible we find that God had a relationship with us in the Garden of Eden (Gen 1:27-31), but sin came into the world when man disobeyed God and ate fruit from a forbidden tree (Gen 2:8-25).

God wants to have a relationship with me and you but he can’t stand sin. Many people would think of sin as murder etc. The bible teaches that we sin in thought and word and deed. So it is not what we do but also what we think. Oh no! That seems to cover all of us. (Rom 3:23). Imagine writing down all the things that we have done wrong in a big book. How many volumes would you or I get up too!

God has a problem. He wants to have a relationship with you and me but he can’t because our sin cuts us off.

However God provided a way so that our sins (the things we do that separate us from God) can be forgiven by coming down to earth in the form of Jesus. When Jesus was crucified on the cross he provided a way to allow our sins to be forgiven and restore our relationship with God. This is good news!! (John 3:16)

Once we say we are sorry to God he will take away our sin and make us a brand new person (2 Cor 5v17), a Christian. He also gives us the free gift of Eternal Life. This means that when we die the next phase of our life begins, spending eternity with Jesus (John 27-29).

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