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  • Welcome to Epsom Baptist Church

    Epsom Baptist Church is a town centre church with a vision to be at the heart of bringing community transformation where all people are included and enabled and empowered to thrive.  As our church grows, one of our priorities is to support our community work through volunteering, resourcing in other ways, and serving as ambassadors in the local community, therefore contributing to a deepened sense of local ownership and participation.

    The outworking of this vision for church is that all of our work is Christ-centred (driven by his values). Wherever and whenever a person experiences any aspect of our work, they should experience this reality.


  • Upcoming Events

    There are no upcoming events


  • COVID-19

    Our Church building is currently still closed due to Covid-19 restricitions for 'live' Church Services. 

    We have been meeting virtually via our Youtube channel and hold an after service coffee zoom.  

    YouTube Channel


    The Service is published as a premiere and will be available to watch together on Sunday 10.30am.  A live chat will be available during the premiere

    Sermon Audio

    Sermons are also available on our website if you would like to listen to the audio.  Please follow this link: